Need quality death metal fast? press...
Need quality death metal fast, press...

Helloween – Live Live Live

Helloween were formed in Hamburg, Germany, by guitarists Kai Hansen and Michael Weikath, bassist Markus Grosskopf, and drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg. Originally named Second Hell then Iron Fist before morphing into Helloween in 1982, they signed with Germany's own fledgling Noise Continue reading

Twelfth Night – Live And Let Live

Progressive rock outfit Twelfth Night led the field during the early 80's before the bubble burst and Marillion gained their EMI deal. Originating from Reading and formed by former students Brian Devoil and Andy Revell they were originally titled The Continue reading

INXS ‎–Live Baby Live dvd

INXS ‎–Live Baby Live dvd

Swedish release with cover artwork in Swedish. Region 2 and 4

This dvd with INXS was recorded at London’s Wembley Stadium in 1991 at the peak of their careers. Its a very professional performance. “The Live Baby Live concert is Continue reading

Honeymoon In Vegas cd

Honeymoon In Vegas cd

Reduced price due to cd being ex

Country singers rule this soundtrack of Elvis Presley covers, which is every bit as flawed, frivolous and fun as the film from whence it came. While Billy Joel parodies “All Shook Up” and Continue reading

Las Cruces – Dusk

The third album from these Texas doomsters has a long and complicated story behind it, for starters it has been a incredible long wait for this album, its been 12 years since they released their last album, the classic Ringmaster. Continue reading

Las Brujas -La Reencarnacion cd

Las Brujas -La Reencarnacion cd

Argentinas first Female Metal band from the glorious 80s. This release includes the only album the band ever released, Me Ilaman La Loca from 1989. This edition also features 3 unreleased demo and rehearsal tracks and two videos as bonus. Continue reading

Las Cruces – Ringmaster

Desert doom from San Antonio, TX, with Sabbath/Candlemass-type riffs, (almost) early-Soundgarden-type vocals with an overall production and feel of Kyuss. The music is dense, thick and crushing. Doom has become a genre watered down by stoner references and made tepid Continue reading

Blood Of The Sun (Las Cruces) – S/t

Former Las Cruces singer, Mark Zamarron, has teamed up with a range of Texan musicians to pay homage to the heavy rock landscape of Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railraod. The album is chock-a-block with meaty guitars, manic organs, powerhouse Continue reading

Las Cruces – S.O.L (Solitude Of Lunacy)

Rare original Brainticket records release Las Cruces were an obscure doom outfit from San Antonio, TX, whose music owed a great debt to pioneering American acts like Saint Vitus and the Obsessed. Consistently hampered by paltry support from the independent Continue reading