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4Fourty ‎–I Am Human cd


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4Fourty was established in 2000 by lead vocalist, Steve Samson and guitarist, Owen Parker. The band gained popularity in 2001, with their debut album, I’m Not Odd, selling out many of Nashville’s local rock clubs. While extensively touring the mid-west, 4Fourty shared the stage with national acts such as Enuff Znuff, Faster Pussycat, Kansas, Judas Priest, Sofa Kings, and more. By 2004, the band had achieved notoriety on the road as hard-hitting, high energy rock performers. The band then returned to the studio in 2005, and went on to record two more albums; I Am Human, and III. The members of the band then pursued independent careers as Steve, being a producer/ songwriter in Nashville, and Owen, a session guitarist, in Los Angeles. In early 2007 the pair decided to collaborate on a new album, the result of which was Emotion Machine. A concept album, Emotion Machine, was a highly energetic, melody driven, government conspiracy, set to music. This album escalated to be their greatest accomplishment to date and would define a unique “sound” that is unmistakably 4Fourty.

Track list:
1. Roses And Wine
2. Two Months Later
3. Where Is The Love
4. I Am Human
5. Only In America
6. See For Yourself
7. New Year
8. I’m Only Me
9. Suckerpunch
10. That Someday
11. Finally Home
12. Till Next Time

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