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69-Hard ‎–Blues From Hell cd


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This follow-up album to the Swedish act 69-Hard’s highly acclaimed debut Life Is Good shows another side of the band that’s at the same time more aggressive yet still brings out more melodies from the songs. Previously more apparent influences from 50s Rockabilly has indeed taken the backseat to a harder, more unforgiving sound while tracks like the first single Gone Gone Gone and One Good Reason explore new melodic territories for the band. Songs like The Bullets and title track Blues From Hell move into a punk/hardrock hybrid that is sure to make the band new fans as well as keeping the old ones safely satisfied. As always, this is essential listening.

Track list:
1. Shes So Fine
2. Gone Gone Gon
3. The Bullets
4. Oh No Not Again
5. One Good Reason
6. Loserville Station
7. Baby Dont You Know?
8. Dogs
9. Do You Wanna Go Faster?
10. Blues From Hell
11. Its All Over

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