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8th Sin -Sinners Inc cd


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8th Sin were founded by IT and Michael Bohlin in 1999-2000 when the idea came up to combine several elements in metal/goth and synth/electro to create something fresh and new, not to serve the charts but their own satisfaction. IT intended to transform the seven deadly sins into that one sin which would mould into, and sum up those sins into one. The 8th Sin of what he saw and felt happened all around him. Michael had recently returned to his hard rock roots after many years of different musical adventures and IT just came back to Sweden after being travelling in Asia for years. IT was the former of bands like Abruptum, Ophthalamia, War (with Peter Tagtgren and David Blackmoon Parland) and Vondur in the 90s and released 13 albums during his earlier musical career in various constellations. Michael have been doing several different musical projects and were the guitarist and songwriter in the cult band Brejndedd together with IT and Dan Swano among others between 1988 and 1991 (that never planted a record deal, but made a few classical demos). Michael also produced the Vondur debut album Stridsyfirlysing back in 1995, were involved in the production of the second Vondur album The Galactic Rock n Roll Empire in 1996 and were remastering the original tapes for the Abruptum album Evil Genius released in 1995. IT also wrote lyrics for both Marduk and Dissection. Michael also led a band called Attention that he formed in 1985 and who released their first record 1988. He has also attended Rock SM, been doing TV and commercial spots, and been producing lots of different music such as Entranced. Above that, he has been playing thrash metal, hardrock, pop music, instrumental music and also musicals. After a few years of songwriting and preparations, It and Michael put a band together with musicians who were ready to take 8th Sin to the live level, including great bass player Johan from Plague Divine who immediately filled the stage with his presence. The live performance was an immediate success and set the pace for the future level of 8th Sin. The debut album Sinners Inc produced by Michael Bohlin and mastered by Henrik Jonson at Polar Studios, was released in October 2004, and contained a very aggressive electro/synth orientated style combined with riffing guitars and ITs strong and theatrical voice. The song Dreamqueen were featured as soundtrack in the road movie Getaway in Stockholm 5 and also the first 8th Sin video, Sometimes And Othertimes, were produced in the end of 2004. The band were featured in many radio shows and also played live in one radio show in Sweden. The band immediately started to do several live shows, like supporting Pain in Stockholm on the Dancing with the dead tour in February 2005. If you love ITs black metal roots then you might it hard to accept this. There are hard rock roots to find in 8th sin but its mostly modern metal and similarities to Pain, Rammstein and Marilyn Manson is obvious. ITs vocals sometimes sounds like Tiamats Johan Edlund and sometimes like Marilyn Manson himself. This is not bad at all so its only a question if they will find their own goth and industrial rock followers or if they will be able to remain some of ITï black metal fans

Track listing:
1. Karaoke Life
2. Hello Japan
3. Sometimes And Othertimes
4. Trip Trap
5. Eastern Empress
6. Dreamqueen
7. Sex FX
8. Sister
9. Money
10. Sinners
11. The Eight Sins part 1

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