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Ab/cd (Treat/Easy Action/Abstrakt Algebra) – The Rock N Roll Devil


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Brian Johnson once said: ‘Rock'n'Roll is supposed to be a laugh and we’ve done a hell of a lot of it’ One of the best Ac/dc spoof outfits, Ab/cd, have taken the whole thing a little bit further considering the humour. Ab/cd are sort of The Disciples of Ac/dc, ‘A Good Time Rock'n'Roll Band’. Ab/cd from Stockholm started back in 1983 and it’s a side project of a collection of noted Swedish musicians including ex-Treat/Abstrakt Algebra vocalist Mats Leven ('Braijan'), ex-Easy Action/Treat guitarist Bjorn Pahlsson ('Nalcolm') and top session drummer Nicco Wallin ('Flint'). They would be joined by bassist Jim Gustavsson ('Clim') and second guitarist Bengt Ljungberger ('Bengus'). They debuted with the mini album ‘Victim of Rock’ in early 1987. It was pressed in only 2500 copies and it was sold out in a very short time. Despite the big demand for the album, Alpha Records didnt bother to print any more copies of it and shortly thereafter the record company was no more. During they years without record label the band continued to play gigs, mostly in Stockholm and it wasn’t until 1991 when drummer Flint got in contact with Swedish legendary singer-songwriter Tomas Ledin, who also is (believe it or not) a big Ac/dc fan, that the band once again got into recording sessions. Ledin helped the band to get a record deal with BMG/RCA records. Ac/dc recorded the album ‘The Rock N Roll Devil’ at ABBAs Polar Studios. BMG/RCA got the album released in Sweden, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Finland and they also exported copies to many other countries among them Usa. BMG were surprised when the album in just 2 months time had sold over 20 000 copies. Bengus says.’You know, there were almost no advertising at all, it was just all by the word of mouth. We hadn't even done a gig outside of Stockholm’. ‘The Rock N Roll Devil’ includes the Yngwie J Malmsteen themed 'Bengus' Bomb (Faster Than Yngwie!)'. Track listing: 1. Jackpot-Bingo 2. The Rock n Roll Devil 3. Bengus Bomb (Faster Than Yngwie!) 4. Your Name On My Bullet 5. Love-Doll 6. Booze Blues 7. Harley-Davidson 8. Party Time 9. Bengus Starlicks 10. Killershark 11. The Masterplan 12. Devils Dinner 13. Have You Got The Guts

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