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Abgott -S/t cdR [signed]


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Official cdR demo from the band with a biography sheet signed by Agamoth.

The history of the Italian black metal act Abgott goes back to November of 1997 when Agamoth spawned the uncompromised demo tape Celtic Metal Battle. The project Abgott had begun and with Horten on bass and Nephilim on drums the band performed live around their native land. The band recorded their debut self titled album at the dawn of a new Millennium at Ressole Studios in just 7 days. If you have heard the bands debut album then you found a band that sounded like old Darkthrone. If you have heard the bands later releases then you have heard a band that not only performs an extreme black metal they also incorporates so many different elements of other genres and styles in their music as well as being progressive and technical. So this debut album falls somewhere in between the early Norwegian inspired days and the later more mature and well crafted style.

Track list:
1. Thy Elder Throne
2. Blizzard
3. Disarmonic Requiem
4. Countess Bathory-Venom cover
5. Immortal
6. No Mortiis
7. Odal Rune
8. Mayhemic
9. Black Armour In Dark Light Bright

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