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Abigail [jap] – Forever Street Metal Bitch


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It’s been 6 years since Abigail's first album ‘Intercourse And Lust’ has been released and 6 years in which Yasuyuki spent more time with his other band Barbatos in which he released two Barbatos albums, well ‘Rocking Metal Motherfucker’ the same year as ‘Forever Street Metal Bitch’. And that Barbatos album title would be a fitting description for the sound of this album. It seems like Yasuyuki wanted to do something more in vein with Barbatos but still different and unmistakably Abigail. While ‘Intercourse And Lust’ was some kind of thrash metal with some NWOBHM and black metal influences, here he decided to drop the black metal influences and expand those other influences – which he obviously does in Barbatos but in a more raw and punkish way, and with different lyrics – making his new album more… rocking. So Abigail's sophomore release lost all that was black metal in their sound, adding more thrashing goodness and some heavy metal feel and a little melodic and a slightly punkish edge. The sound has slightly improved, making the vocals and the instruments clearer but still contains some rawness. Most songs are fast paced or in the upper side of mid-paced like ‘Damned in Hell’, half of them are under the 3 minutes mark making the album no longer than 30 minutes. Longer than that, the album would obviously feel too long, it is meant to be a burst of raw, rocking metal energy to break your neck to. The riffs are definitely great; they are thrash but have some heavy metal quality making them somewhat different and very memorable. Abigail can be somewhat comparable to retro thrash bands but unlike them, Abigail aren't pure thrash. They have enough other influences to make them sound like a breath of fresh air compared to them. Abigail's goal is much like playing addictive fucking metal, which they pretty much succeeded in. The album's a no brainer, there's no complexity to be found, no chills down your spine – unless you're breaking your neck so you need to get your hands on it, unless you like your metal more intelligent. Track listing: 1. Violence, Kill And Destruction 2. Hellfire And Damnation 3. Damned In Hell 4. Black Metal Thunder 5. Bitch! We Gonna Kill You 6. We're The Pussy Hunter 7. Shooting Master 8. Hey Slut! ] 9. Charge! 10. Struggle To Death 11. War 666

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