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Abigail -The Best Of Black Metal Yakuza cd


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2019 re-issue with 4 bonus tracks and new artwork

Beer! Metal! Sex! If these Japanese black thrashers had a war cry, this would be it. Self described as the most evil band in Japan Abigail formed in January 1992 by Yasuyuki (Bass/Vocal), Youhei (Drums) and Yasunori (Guitar). They were influenced by early black/thrash metal bands like Bathory, Venom, Sodom, Hellhammer, NME, Bulldozer etc. Since their first demo in 1992 Abigail’s output has been phenomenal. This compilation was first released in 2009 and this reissue comes with several bonus tracks so what we have here is 70 minutes of raw and dirty blackened thrash metal.

Track list:
1. A Witch Named Aspilcuetta
2. Confound Eternal
3. Attack With Spell
4. Hellfire And Damnation
5. Bloody Japanese Sword
6. Ilona The Very Best-Bulldozer cover
7. Violence, Kill and Destruction
8. Bitch We Gonna Kill You
9. We’re The Pussy Hunters
10. War 666
11. Lethal Dose-NME cover
12. Satanik Metal Fucking Hell
13. Hells Necromancer
14. Nuclear Warheads
15. Beer! Metal! Sex!
16. Metal Evil Metal
17. Teenage Metal Fuck
18. Violent Force
19. Blasphemy Night
20. The Final Damnation

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