Abigor -Orkblut/The Retaliation lp



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Rare 2006 press on black vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 400 copies

A shorter piece in Abigor’s long career, Orkblut also remains a highlight. The album tells a story of a Pagan warrior rising up with his tribe to fight and die in battle, bringing a nihilistic resolve to his story that much like Cuchulain he shall fall and perish but shall destroy his enemies until his death. The music that flows through this concept revolves between fast paced shifting black metal attacks, acoustic and ambient breakdowns and some slower paced more melodic or moody sections. Interestingly the breakdown of the recording is such that though each piece is a separate track, it is almost impossible to listen to it as anything less then a piece in of itself. This can hardly be defined as metal in the usual sense. This is like Burzum’s “Det Som Engang Var” album, but with even more ambient breaks. Abigor has managed to compose an album that encompasses the best of traditional music, ambient music and black metal. This album is around 25 minutes, and I believe this is the perfect length. The ambient songs are moody and gloomy, while the black metal songs are extremely energetic, yet carry the same mood very well. There are no immediate flaws that can be found in this album, yet at 25 minutes, it gets old if listened to too often. It’s quite the journey, but attempts to stick the concept right in your face, as though the atmosphere wasn’t enough. It may be short, but it is a mighty recording.

Track list:
1. The Prophecy
2. Bloodsoaked Overture
3. Remembering Pagan Origins
4. The Rising Of Our Tribe
5. Medieval Echoes
6. Emptiness / Menschenfeind / Untamed Devastation
7. …To The Final Strike
8. Battlefield Orphans
9. The Soft And Last Sleep
10. Severance
11. Langsam Verhallte Des Lebens Schmerz

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Chaos Sacrum Records

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