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Abominator – Damnations Prophecy


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Melbourne Australian black thrash act Abominator was formed in December 1994. Even at the early stages Abominators music, although very primitive compared to later effort’s was already standing out as a dark force in the underground. The constant blasts combined with an unrelenting rhythm proved to be the perfect combination of darkness and carnage and thus, Abominator had created their style. Rehearsing in the garage, through the summer and autumn of 94/95, Chris and Andrew finished writing the first six songs for the demo, 'Barbarian War Worship'. The band did their first live appearances and some line-up changes occurred before they re-entered the Big Beat studio to record the second demo, 'The Conqueror Possessed'. This demo got them a deal with the American label, Necropolis Records. Abominator recorded their debut album at St Andrews Studio in October 1998. The recording contained songs off the first two Demos plus some new track's. The album line-up on was Andrew Undertaker (Bestial Warlust) on Guitars and Bass, Chris Volcano (Destroyer 666/Destruktor) on the Drum's and Damon Blood Storm (Bestial Warlust) onVocal duties with Volcano. Abominators debut ‘Damnations Prophecy’ is by far one of the meanest, fastest and brutal releases ever. Its bombastic and unrelenting and you won't be disappointed if you like truly disgusting and merciless satanic metal. Track listing: 1. Intro- Filthy Spirit Antichrist 2. Debauchery (The Sinners Hammer) 3. Damnation’s Prophecy 4. Intro- War Worship 5. Activate The Anarchus 6. The Conqueror Possessed 7. Unholy Consecration 8. Ode To Morbid Pleasures 9. Luciferian Path To Destruction 10. Sepulchral Vomit- Outro

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