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Abominator (Destroyer 666/Bestial Warlust) – Subversives For Lucifer


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Melbourne Australian black thrash act Abominator was formed in December 1994. Even at the early stages Abominators music, although very primitive compared to later effort’s was already standing out as a dark force in the underground. The constant blasts combined with an unrelenting rhythm proved to be the perfect combination of darkness and carnage and thus, Abominator had created their style. In October 2000 they entered the St Andrew's Studios to record their second album 'Subversives For Lucifer'. The recording continued on and off until February 2001. The line up on the album was Andrew Undertaker (Bestial Warlust) on Guitars and Bass, Chris Volcano (Destroyer 666/Destruktor) on the Drum's and Damon Blood Storm (Bestial Warlust) returning for a farewell performance, to share the Vokill duties with Volcano. Right in the middle of this recording Necropolis decided that they would no longer support the band and so with a new album finished, Abominator was now looking for a label. After an extensive mail-out the band received some interest from labels and in April 2001 Abominator signed a three album deal with Osmose Productions. Track listing: 1. Intro- Renegades At Hells Command 2. Desolate Feast 3. Carnivorous Strike Of The Knife 4. As God Of A Heretic Tribe 5. Ignite The Ceremonial Burning 6. From Flesh To Fire 7. Domain Of Iblis 8. Subversives For Lucifer- Outro

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