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Aborted – Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Done


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2009 re-release with three bonus tracks Gore-themed, speed-obsessed death metal in the year 2003? Songs about rotting flesh and botched medical procedures? Yes, Aborted is treading on familiar ground with its third full-length, Goremageddon, but the band could obviously care less. It gives off the impression that playing another kind of music — say, one without disgusting song titles and constantly pummeling guitars and drums — is out of the question. But like fellow "-ed" bands Exhumed and Impaled, Aborted approaches the genre with a mix of sarcasm, seriousness, and songwriting smarts that allow the group to pull it off, in spite of how worn-out the whole premise is. Aborted attacks with the ferociousness of a good hardcore band, but the group also knows how to write riffs that stand out and draw the listener in amid the 300 bpm drumbeats. Meanwhile, the grotesque, dive-bombing guitar solo on "The Saw & the Carnage Done" shows the band's expertise in yet another crucial category for bands in the gore metal field. In the grand scheme of things, Goremageddon is not essential, but it is well done and entertaining enough to recommend to fans of the genre. Track listing: 1. Meticulous Invagination 2. Parasitic Flesh Resection 3. The Saw And The Carnage Done 4. Ornaments Of Derision 5. Sanguine Verses (…Of Extirpation) 6. Charted Carnal Effigy 7. Clinical Colostomy 8. Medical Deviance 9. Sea Of Cartilage 10. Nemesis 11. Carnal Forge-Carcass Cover 12. Gestated Rabidity 13. Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome

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