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Aborym – Kali Yuga Bizarre


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After a brief false start between 1991 and 1993, Italy's Aborym truly came to be in 1997, with leader Malfeitor Fabban (bass, synthesizers, programming) drafting Sethlans (guitars, samples) and vocalist Yorga SM to take part in the self-financed Antichristian Nuclear Sabbath demo. This, in turn attracted new vocalist Attila Csihar — legendary for his seminal work with Mayhem — and lead guitarist Nysrok SS, who joined in time for 1999's Kali Yuga Bizarre album, released by Scarlet Records. Introducing a truly original brand of futuristic black metal, the album's jagged samples, electronic drums, and industrial overtones make Aborym's peculiar sound very hard to pin down or define. All in all, this album is a refreshing collection of different moods and sounds. In that sense, Aborym bears a certain resemblance to Abruptum, besides the fact that they sound nothing alike. The latter succeeded in capturing (in the words of the late Oystein Aarseth) 'pure black evil', with ambience conveying mood and atmosphere. The former takes these principles to a new extreme, while adding elements of ever-evolving electronica. Track listing: 1. Wehrmacht Kali Ma 2. Horrenda Peccata Christi 3. Hellraiser 4. Roma Divina Veds 5. Darka Mysteria 6. Tantra Bizarre 7. Come Thou Expected Jesus 8. Metal Stricken Terror Action 9. The First Four Trumpets

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