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Above And Beyond ‎–We Are All We Need cd


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Above And Beyond is an English electronic dance music group consisting of members Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. DJ Magazine said Above And Beyond are, the biggest DJing and production collective the UK has ever produced. We Are All We Need represents their first new material since 2011’s Group Therapy and also was the first album by the group not to include contributions from longtime collaborator Richard Bedford. The group finds its pop-friendly take on trance instead aided by vocalists such as Zoë Johnston on the slinky, midtempo titular track and Alex Vargas on the bounding, anthemic single Blue Sky Action as well as many more of the album’s more uplifting tracks. The core trio of instrumentalists and electronic composers Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamäki, and Tony McGuinness again deliver a densely layered but disarmingly straightforward wash of ambient synth tones and driving trance beats over the course of the lengthy album’s 16 tracks. Above And Beyond have pushed their boundaries and strived to create more music which slightly fits into the style of other genres. The lyrics of this album carry it forward and have made it a pleasure to listen to, with such heart felt vocals, you can really feel every ounce of emotion. Some of the tracks transport you to a far off place, some beautiful land, distant almost, then low and behold the next track starts and you just want to get up and dance. This album is truly dedicated to their listeners and journey of the group. A brilliant listen of which I thoroughly recommend to any Trance love.

Track list:
1. Quieter Is Louder
2. We’re All We Need
3. Blue Sky Action
4. Peace Of Mind
5. Counting Down The Days
6. Sticky Fingers
7. Hello
8. Little Something
9. All Over The World
10. Fly To New York
11. Making Plans
12. Out Of Time
13. Excuses
14. Save Me
15. Sink The Lighthouse
16. Treasure

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