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Abruptum – Casus Luciferi


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Before you write off Abruptum as a stupid, regurgitated black metal band with no structure based on their earlier releases filled with awkward screams and absolutely random instrumentalism to grinding noise, listen to Casus Luciferi. Casus Luciferi is one of the truest forms of disturbingly beautiful ambient darkness. Rather than opting for the extreme loudness and obvious evil, Casus Luciferi is an eerie, subtle trip into a nightmarish dream world. The key here is repetitiveness. That might sound boring, but it's beautiful in a dark, droning, trance-inducing way, much like the effect of Det Som En Gang Var by Burzum during the ending 5 minutes. The first song is just under 20 minutes long, but contains a deranged, unchanging beat above a foggy guitar screeching and a meandering synth, but the subtlety is in the occasional variations to where the song sounds one way in the beginning and without notice is completely different towards the end. It's a scary schizophrenic track. In Ictu Oculi is the second best track here. There's a seething black darkness in the violent guitars and random synth, but above them is a beautiful female voice, of all things. The sublime innocence and light of her voice is the perfect artistic contrast to the dark violence below it. Ex Inferno Inferiori is the reason this album doesn't have a full hundred. The problem, is just that it lacks the experimentation of the rest of the album. It's not a bad song, but it presents nothing new aside from the rest of the album. Whereas every other track flows together while still maintaining it's element of variation, this song just seems like cutting board scraps; namely, just ambient sound. The last track is my favourite. It returns to the idea of the title track with a constant beat, only the beat here is noticeably more imperative and crushing. The song gradually meets a crescendo of violent crashing and synth. I'd say if you were planning a murder or going slowly crazy in your room, put this on. Abruptums Casus Luciferi is recommend to the artistic black metal fan, the morbidly curious, or anyone at all that is a fan of ambient strangeness. Morgan is the eccentric genius behind this, and I praise him. Track listing: 1. Casus Luciferi 2. In Ictu Oculi 3. Ex Inferno Inferiori 4. Gehennae Perpetuae Cruciatus

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