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Abruptum – De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet


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Three tracks mini album. The first track on the album can also be found on the compilation album ‘A Tribute To Euronymous’ that were released on Necropolis Records. This is a brutal Abruptum track that are followed by ‘Dodsapparaten’ which is pure noise, reminiscent of the Japanese scene, like Merzbow or MSBR. Both this track and the following ‘Massdod’ seems to fall flat after the amazing title track. ‘Massdod’ features samples of marching soldiers and a war march anthem. This conforms to Evil's latter style that he'd present on ‘Casus Luciferi’, which is low, repetitive riffing. It actually works quite well sometimes, such as on this track. It's syncopated with the marching, which works to interesting effect. Essentially an ambient track, but still works well, even if it can't touch De Profundis. So if you're a fan of Abruptum, black ambient, or just looking for something nice 'n' evil to lighten or darken your day, this is a good choice. The title track is an absolute classic, and the rest aren't too bad, even if they're nowhere near the level of the first one. I don't think Abruptum ever achieved their goal at recording pure evil, but this was as close as they got. Track listing: 1. De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet 2. Dodsapparaten 3. Massdod

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