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Abruptum -Evil Genius cd [original with razor]


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This is the megarare original issue on Hellspawn records with razor blade.

Swedish black metal group Abruptum is predominantly the work of a duo, the ubiquitously named It (screams, violin, drums) and Evil (guitars, sounds, piano), with occasional bit players rounding out the lineup as necessary. Responsible for what is quite simply among the most extreme heavy metal ever attempted, the group’s music has stumped many an experienced metal head with its brutal devotion to sheer noise. Their music has a very improvised feel & it’s not easy to tell whether or not some of the songs are actually ‘songs.’ The band started off in the late 80’s and achieved prominence with the release of Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me on the Deathlike Silence label, which was run by Mayhems Euronymous before his untimely death. He considered their music to be the essence of evil and you’ll understand why just a few minutes into this dark and evil collection. The pure audial essence of evil.

Track listing:
1. Honores Vultus Mutares Ex Aeris Campi-Hextum Galæm Zeloq demo 90
2. Aerge Facere Alci-Hextum Galæm Zeloq demo 90
3. Jecudiv Dulminis Tecis-Hextum Galæm Zeloq demo 90
4. Calibus Frontem Tumev Acidus Abcessus-Hextum Galæm Zeloq demo 90
5. Corpus in as Trahere Abincere-The Satanist Tunes demo 90
6. Bis Semina Dies Horn Dea Membra Corpora-The Satanist Tunes demo 90
7. Felci Factum Sanguine Gladios Made Fieri Factus-The Satanist Tunes demo 90
8. Tortus Torquero Colla Tumentes-The Satanist Tunes demo 90
9. Turannum Bellux Eventus Alci Axco Sivium Vitae Carthaginis Integra-The Satanist Tunes demo 90
10. Hostes Orco Hostium Legiones Dis Manibus Pacio Ruptores Ultioni-Evil single 91
11. Animum, Mentem Alris Juventutem Largitionibus, Hostes Ad Dimicadum, Com-Evil single 91

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