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Abwhore -S/t mcd


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Very rare private pressing

Abwhore is a band that first started out under the name of One Flesh in Marietta, Atlanta, Usa before changing name to Abwhore in 1996. This was their debut release, a 3-track private pressed demo cd (real silver pressed cd no cdR crap) and it was released back in 1996. I must say that I was really impressed when I heard this release the first time. Black metal, Death metal, Epic metal, True metal or whatever you want to call it would be both right and wrong. There is so much more going on that its actually hard to describe the sound. If you think about King Diamond meeting Old Mans Child in an amazing kind of way then you have Abwhore. The basis of the trio is ripping, riff-oriented black/death metal, but what makes it stand out from the rest is the use of two vocalists. Mike O Brien is a match for any black/death metal vocalist while bassist Zane Matthews does a convincing King Diamond sound alike with his additional falsetto vocals. The band is tight and aggressive and the songs are kept interesting by dynamic writing. Songs like The Suffering Has Only Begun, Sweet Vixen Sent from Hell and China Doll Syndrome will eat up your stereo. Back in the late 90s Abwhore were among the most interesting and best Atlanta metal bands and many of us were excited and waited for the band to get a well deserved record deal and a break through. However like so many times before, fate deals you a bad hand and some of the most promising acts fall into oblivion. Falsetto vocalist and bass player Zane Matthews are more known for his participation in Cauldron Born but whatever you do make sure you check this band out

Track listing:
1. The Suffering Has Only Begun
2. Sweet Vixen Sent From Hell
3. China Doll Syndrome

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