Abysmal Grief -Feretri MC



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Danish pressed music cassette. Black cassette with gold text.

Its not a secret that Italian psych horror Doom metallers Abysmal Grief have been flirting for years with the obscure and macabre, which are the main characteristics a listener can instantly spot in their super-scary melodies. Two years had passed since the Masters of extravagant horror had released the EP, Foetor Funereus Mortuorum, and truth is I have missed a full length album, soaked in bloody mysticism and full of soundtrack-inspired horror Doom tunes, something that these Italians know well to produce. Their totally unique and distinct Doom Metal sound is present through out the entire third full length album, entitled Feretri, reminding of the main reasons why we love this band: the gloomy atmosphere, the grimy and imposing tunes thanks to the use of that haunting Renaissance Hammond organ, and the Nosferatu-esque voice that tends to be too theatrical at times, will send shivers down your spine. Of course, Abysmal Grief worship the cult of death and occultism in Feretri, and the tolling mournful bells in the intro of the 9-minutes long album-opener Lords Of The Funerals is a solid proof. The following Hidden In The Graveyard could be the main theme in 1994s Dellamorte Dellamore cult movie, where the dominating bass-line and the funeral-like keyboards could be the perfect musical background for the scene where the astonishing Anna Falchi lies upon her dead husbands grave trying to seduce the unsuspected cemetery care taker. The classic horror movie-style organ, the deep clean vocals that sound old-school vampiric and the slow Doomy-feeling guitars continue their work in Sinister Gleams, making the atmosphere denser, while the 3-minutes of Crepusculum state boldly that Abysmal Grief enjoy communicating with the dead via their music; the mix of hair-rising guitars and mystic organ is really disarming, with the night creatures sounds overflowing this short interlude contribute to this. I really love the way The Gaze Of The Owl enters the room with a megaton bass-line and a well-crafted Her Scythe sounds able to drain the last drops of blood out of our ears. If you prefer your Doom plate pure and traditional without horror-esque additions, you should try this one, since Abysmal Grief has managed to produce a real piece of misery and beauty. You may find Feretri a bit cheesy during the first listening, but the cold-thick atmosphere will draw your attention in the end. For the rest of us and for all the Paul Chain (and Blizaro / Goblin) fans, this album is a huge revelation, simply because it evolves like a well-structured horrific theatrical play, while being the best album this band has ever released. Necromantical Doom Metal at its best.

Track listing:
1. Lords of the Funeral
2. Hidden in the Graveyard
3. Sinister Gleams
4. Crepusculum
5. The Gaze of the Owl
6. Her Scythe

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Horror Records

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HOR-038 MC