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Abyss The (Hypocrisy) – The Other Side And Summon The Beast [original]


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The Abyss is one of the most fascinating projects ever to emerge on the Scandinavian black metal scene. Brought to life by the musical mastermind Peter Tagtgren and Lars Szoke and Mikael Hedlund of the lethal death metal act Hypocrisy, this diabolical group took all the best elements of old-school black metal and combined them into a filthy, obscure creation of pure blasphemy. This original 2001 Nuclear Blast releases captures two classic albums on one cd. Track listing: "The Other Side" 1. Marutukku 2. Tjanare Af Besten (Servant Of The Beast) 3. Psycomantum 4. Massacara 5. Morkrets Vandring (The Wandering Of The Darkness) 6. Sorgens Dal (The Valley Of Sorrow) 7. Slukad (Engulfed) 8. Forintelsens Tid Aro Kommen (The Time Of The Holocaust Has Come) "Summon the Beast" 9. Satans Majestic Empire 10. Blessed With The Wrath Of Evil 11. Damned 12. Summon The Beast 13. The Hymn 14. Cursed 15. Feasting The Remains Of Heaven 16. The Arrival

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