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Ac/dc -Through The Mists Of Time pic disc


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Record store day 2020 picture disc with OBI-strip. European version with Sony printed on disc and OBI-strip. Limited 2500 copies

This limited collector’s edition Ac/dc 12-inch picture disc includes the songs Through The Mists Of Time and Witch’s Spell, from the band’s global chart-topping album Power Up, housed in a PVC jacket with an OBI strip at the top. In a recent interview with Kelly Jones for Radio X, Ac/dc frontman Brian Johnson discussed the track Through The Mists Of Time, which has been described in one review as the closest thing we’ll get to Ac/dc reflecting on the ever-present face of old father time. The riff for Through The Mists Of Time came out, and Angus wrote the lyrics for that song, and I believe he captured everything — about the early days when the band started, when rock and roll was just carefree, when nobody gave a flying thought about anything except just having a good time and playing, Brian said. And all this lovely innocence was gone. And I think [the lyrics] encapsulated [the sentiment]. To tell you the truth, every time I hear it, I still get a goosebump, and it’s a tribute to Malcolm: Through The Mists Of Time. And it’s different. I don’t know if it’s different from anything we’ve done before, but it certainly stands apart.

Track list:
1. Through The Mists Of Time
2. Witchs Spell

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