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Accept -Blood Of The Nations dlp [gold]


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2023 re-press with one bonus track. Double album on gold vinyls

Blood Of The Nations is the first Accept studio album in over a decade and the first to feature Mark Tornillo (from TT Quick on vocals). It was recorded over the winter of 2010 at Backstage studio in Derbyshire, England with celebrated British producer, Sabbat guitarist and long-time Accept fan Andy Sneap (Megadeth, Exodus, Arch Enemy, Nevermore). Wolf sums it up plain and simple: ‘Something amazing has happened. We seem to have been transformed from one world into another… these new songs simply bursted out of a vault that has been locked up for too long! We’re not sure where Blood of the Nations and all this new excitement will ultimately take us; we only know one thing: We never had it this good!’ A vibrant and mesmerizing album, Blood Of The Nations harnesses everything that earned Accept the status of a true heavy metal legend… thunderous riffs, blinding guitar leads with intricate melodies, aggressive vocals and infectious, undiluted metal songs with a bite that are destined to once again put Accept where they belong – the oligarchy of the heavy metal world.

Track list:
1. Beat The Bastards
2. Teutonic Terror
3. The Abyss
4. Blood Of The Nations
5. Shades Of Death
6. Locked And Loaded
7. Time Machine
8. Kill The Pain
9. Rollin Thunder
10. Pandemic
11. New World Comin
12. No Shelter
13. Bucketful Of Hate

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