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Accept – Death Row [original]


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Rare original RCA records release 1995's Death Row is the well-intended, but somewhat flat follow-up to the marginally successful Accept comeback release, Objection Overruled. The group wisely attempted to make a more consistently heavy recording and practically eliminated the mellower dynamics that limited their previous offering. While opting for a more singularly heavy approach was a good decision, the choice of drummer Stefan Kaufmann to produce the record left things sounding a little weak when compared to Objection Overruled (produced by the legendary Dieter Dierks). While the performances are lively, Kaufmann's mixes lack presence, and the band ends up sounding clear, but nondescript. Wolf Hoffman's guitars and Udo Dirkschneider's screams don't grate and churn the way they must in order to capture the particular magic that is Accept's official sonic stamp. As a result, it's difficult to pick standout cuts from Death Row as the material just wasn't done justice in the studio. Perhaps the group wasn't afforded the budget necessary to finish anything more than just a competent recording, but that's what the band, and especially their fans, deserve. Track listing: 1. Death Row 2. Sodom And Gomorra 3. The Beast Inside 4. Dead On 5. Guns 'R' Us 6. Like a Loaded Gun 7. What Else 8. Stone Evil 9. Bad Habits Die Hard 10. Prejudice 11. Bad Religion 12. Generation Clash II 13. Writing on the Wall 14. Drifting Apart 15. Pomp and Circumstance

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