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Rare original 1993 German cd single

Accept released their Objection Overruled album at a time when the traditional eighties metal was out of date due to the grunge movement. It will never be regarded as a classic like Restless And Wild or Balls To The Wall but the fact is that with this album it feels like the band were able to take their music to an even higher level in terms of quality and perfection. This is actually the typical Accept that we know and love from the eighties. BUT this is harder and more aggressive while still bearing the trademark guitar playing of Wolf Hoffmann. The first single however didnt came with any surprises. It features three tracks from the album and no rare unreleased B-side.

Track list:
1. I Dont Wanna Be Like You
2. Protectors Of Terror
3. Just By My Own

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BMG / RCA Records

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