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Accept – Im A Rebel


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Coming off a less than stellar first album, Germany's Accept showed a marked improvement with 1980's I'm a Rebel. The production values still leave something to be desired, but both the band's trademark guitar crunch and vocalist Udo Dirkschneider's gravelly shriek are evident for the first time on this album. Their songwriting skills are also evolving rapidly, with the title track (their first bona fide classic), "China Lady," and "The King" showing the first glimpses of the power and energy that would soon turn Accept into Germany's most successful metal band — second only to the Scorpions. 2005 remastered Track listing: 1. I'm A Rebel 2. Save Us 3. No Time To Lose 4. Thunder And Lightning 5. China Lady 6. I Wanna Be No Hero 7. The King 8. Do It

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