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Accept -The Rise Of Chaos dlp [red]


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Double album on red vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 300 copies

“[The band’s sound is] not gonna change ever dramatically, because as long as Peter [Baltes, bass] and I sort of write the songs in the way that we do, it’s always gonna sound very much like Accept, and it’s what we’re going for. We don’t really ever want any changes. ‘Cause we’re going for that consistent vibe in our songs. And the best compliment we sometimes give each other is when we finish a song and we say, ‘Man, that sounds like 1982 all over again.’ ‘Cause we don’t want it to sound any different at this point. We just want it to sound like it could have been written thirty years ago — only with a modern twist and a modern production and maybe better than ever, but the general vibe shouldn’t be any different. We don’t really wanna change at this point.” – Wolf Hoffmann about German metallers Accept 2017 album, “The Rise Of Chaos”

Track list:
1. Die By The Sword
2. Hole In The Head
3. The Rise Of Chaos
4. Koolaid
5. No Regrets
6. Analog Man
7. Whats Done Is Done
8. Worlds Colliding
9. Carry The Weight
10. Race To Extinction

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Nuclear blast records

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NB 4012-1

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