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Accused – Oh Martha!


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The Accuseds ‘Oh, Martha!’ heralds the return of splatter rock kings, The Accused, to their punk/metal/horror/terrifyingly-sick ways. For the entire length of the albums 14 classic splatter-drenched songs, The Accused prove the crown still fits. Founding member and guitarist, Tommy Niemeyer says, ‘Oh, Martha! is easily one of the top 2 albums we've done. It was intentionally written with the knowledge that we raised the bar for ourselves over 10 years earlier. If we were gonna do a 'comeback', the last thing we wanted to hear was 'now, go back away!' cuz our album sucked, ya know? So I said, let's f@*king kick this album's ass!..and we did. Now it can put a boot in yours.’ The album includes an awesome cover version of the Tank classic ‘Filth Hounds Of Hades’ Track listing: 1. Martha Will 2. Fueled By Hate 3. Crapassreality 4. Fast Zombies Rule 5. Dying On The Vine 6. Hooker Fortlifted Pork Products 7. Life Kills On 8. Nes 9. Filth Hounds Of Hades-Tank cover 10. Stay Dead 11. Scream And Die 12. Of The Body 13. 13 Letters 14. Have You Ever Been Mellow?

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