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Accuser -Experimental Errors lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert and 3 bonus tracks

Not long after the release of their debut, Accuser returned. Instead of relaxing, they had written new songs. Their second output consisted of six tracks and the style presented here on “Experimental Errors” is not unlike other German bands, perhaps Vendetta or Deathrow but with vocals that sound quite a lot like Kreator’s Mille. The EP opens with an acoustic piece “The Persuasion” before busting out “Black Suicide”, a slow to mid-paced though technical thrasher with some decent leads and barking vocals. There are some good parts to this song but unfortunately it’s not highly exciting. “Terroristic Violence” picks up the pace a little, and it sounds alot like Kreator. “Technical Excess” has a good riff or two and it’s by far the most exciting song here. Had the rest only been more like this…but wait, they are! “F.H.W.C.” is another strong track with a good punchy sound to it. The whole band, the original members as well as the new recruited second guitarist Rene Schutz, acted on a technically competent level. There was no question that my sympathy for these thrashers was unbroken. Generally, they demonstrated the right attitude and, by the way, their lyrics were still better than that of the majority of other German thrash bands. For example, they referred to the recent German history while singing about the terror that happened during the so-called “Deutscher Herbst” (“German Autumn”) in 1977. But albeit the songs did not offer an inappropriate progressiveness, a certain degree of straightness was missing.

Track list:
1. The Persuasion
2. Black Suicide
3. Terroristic Violence
4. Technical Excess
5. F.H.W.C.
6. Ratouli
7. Black Suicide-live 94
8. Master Of Disaster-live 94
9. Symbol Of Hate-live 94

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