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Ace Frehley -Origins Vol.2 dlp [black/gold]


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Double album on black and gold mazed vinyls with gatefold cover and Ace logo in gold on front cover. Limited 1000 copies

The second cover album from Ace Frehley Perhaps appropriately, Origins, Vol. 2, kicks off with Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times. Ace is very much aware of that song being the first song on the first side of the first Zeppelin album, and the first single that the band released in the United States. Mountain’s Never In My Life follows utilizing the lyrics from the Japanese album insert with the more appropriate bolt of lightning reference. For some this song is less well known than the signature Mississippi Queen, but it features a riff that Jimi Hendrix purportedly dug on hearing while Mountain worked in the studio in 1970. Fans of the heavier Frehley penned Kiss classic Strange Ways should dig the riff too. In addition to connecting with old songs, Frehley has also reconnected with old friends on Origins, Vol. 2. The first of these making an appearance is keyboard player Rob Sabino. On Origins, Vol. 2, Rob takes on the role of Deep Purple’s late Jon Lord on Space Truckin. Long-time fans may be surprised at the inclusion of a Beatles song, the 1965 non-album single B-side, I’m Down. Under questioning Ace laughed, Everyone was telling me, You gotta do a Beatles song, Ace, you didn’t do one on the first record. The early Beatles inspired me more than the later records, because they were more raw and more rock and roll. I decided to tackle I’m Down and I thought it came out great. Another non-album single follows, originally recorded by the Rolling Stones in 1968, with Ace tackling Jumpin Jack Flash. The exquisite Lita Ford returns on vocals for her second Origins project with Ace. Guitarist Eric Clapton made a lasting impression on Ace, and now more than half a century later, Frehley makes a lasting impression with the power of his cover of Politician. Ace’s humor is clearly present with the inclusion of the Kink’s Lola. Sentimentality is also represented with a smoking cover of Humble Pie’s 30 Days In The Hole, which features Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander on lead vocal. Over the decades, Ace has interacted with fellow guitarist Bruce Kulick on numerous occasions. The two also share a common love for Jimi Hendrix, and a song like Manic Depression was the perfect vehicle for both guitarists to shine, with Ace delivering a perfect vocal for the mood. Like the studio version of Kiss Rock and Roll All Nite, the Paul Revere And The Raiders hit, Kicks, didn’t originally include a guitar solo. This limitation didn’t prevent Ace from developing the arrangement and adding a perfect three-part harmony guitar solo that really Ace-i-fies the song. The second of the Mann/Weil songs is the Vietnam era anthem, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. Originally recorded by the Animals.

Track list:
1. Good Times Bad Times
2. Never In My Life
3. Space Truckin
4. I’m Down
5. Jumpin’ Jack Flash
6. Politician
7. Lola
8. 30 Days In The Hole
9. Manic Depression
10. Kicks
11. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
12. She

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