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Acid Speech / Pesticide –Corrosive Warfare cd


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Double attack by two Brazilian bands. Split albums are all to rare these days. Pesticide is new raw Brazilian Thrash (bordering on Death/Thrash) horde featuring Pedro of Violator etc. Great stuff that should appeal to fans Mutilator, Slaughter Lord or very old Sacrifice (Canada).
Acid Speech is more in the vein of the new true 80s Thrash-wave; Violator, Guillotine, Bywar – and they do it with style. Anyone into South America Thrash should own this split

Track list:
1. Acid Speech – Masters Of Misery
2. Acid Speech – Corrosive Riot
3. Acid Speech – Victimized By God
4. Acid Speech – Into The Depths Of A Nightmare
5. Acid Speech – Slow Death
6. Pesticide – Evil Force
7. Pesticide – The Pest
8. Pesticide – Veterans Of Death
9. Pesticide – Hellish Warfare
10. Pesticide – Deformed World

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