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Acid -S/t lp [red splatter]


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2016 Us only release with 4 page booklet featuring photos handpicked by the band, lyrics and liner notes from Classic Rock writer Malcolm Dome. Red/white/black splatter. Limited 100 copies

Acid’s 1982 self title release is a sonic bliztkrieg attack from an underrated band, but is no doubt one of the true pioneers of fast, dirty , and evil heavy metal. Taking elements of the N.W.O.B.H.M., and smashing it together with the Rock N Roll grit of Motorhead and satanic overtones of Venom, all with a female singer. Acid could battle with the best of ’em. Over all the record has a good production. Dirty guitar tones drive with a Motorhead-ish feel on most of the tracks, with hard hitting drums, pounding out thunderous double bass, all the while accompanied by the sensual yet dominating voice of the metal queen Kate. You can definitely trace along the roots of Thrash Metal back to this record. Even if they weren’t the biggest band ever, their impact on metal music has and will always be felt. This is an important release in Heavy Metal History, this should be sought after, and cherished.

Track listing:
1. Acid
2. Ghostriders
3. Hell On Wheels
4. Anvil
5. Demon
6. Hooked On Metal
7. Woman At Last
8. Five Days Hell
9. Heaven’s Devils
10. Satan

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