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Act -1984 cd


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Still sealed with slipcase. Limited 500 copies

Act from Skovde, Sweden was formed in 1983 by Tony Johansson (vocals, later in Masquerade), Jan Strandh (guitar later in Zanity, Sobre Nocturne, Twilight etc), Tim Sköld (bass later in Shylock, Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, Marilyn Manson etc) and Christer Rispling (drums later in Shylock). The influences came from both the NWOBHM scene as well as progressive rock. Tim and Christer also played with Shylock at the same time. In the summer of 1984 the band recorded a nine-song demo. Unfortunately Tony left the band after this. The band hooked up with singer Roger Petersson. Roger had had his own band, simply called Peterson (note the spelling with just one S though), going for a couple of years by then. Roger wanted to still use that name and the others rather wanted to use their name, therefor they compromised and called themselves Act/Peterson. They did a few gigs under that name. Roger later came up with the new name Verdict. The band did a new (five-song) demo late 1984 as a trio (Roger, Jan and Christer). All the material was written by Roger. This demo usually goes under the name Verdict, a name that only was used for a short while. In fact they only got to do one gig as Verdict before they split. Jan and Tony decided to get Act back together in 1985. They recruited new bassist Yngve Frank and drummer Fredrik Skold. However they decided to spell their name Akt with a K from now on. A new three-song demo was recorded in 1985. However this didn’t last very long either and the band finally split up in 1986.

Track list:
1. Black Sun
2. The Wizz
3. Wulpus
4. Human Error
5. Christian Crusaders
6. Burning
7. The Sound Of The Northern Bell
8. The Rose
9. Concrete And Bars
10. Battleslay
11. Glorious Nation
12. Insanity

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