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Brazilian music cassette. Clear cassette with paper label. Limited 100 numbered copies

Ad Baculum is a band that, in theory, should be pretty good. The sole member, Meugninousouan, was the vocalist for one of Brazil’s earliest Black Metal hordes, Mystifier. He’s been in the scene for ages, and having been in and around extreme music for most of his life, he should know a thing or two about creating evil Black Metal, right? Sadly, this isn’t the case. The 2011 debut, Blackness Doctrine, sounds somewhat reminiscent of Mystifier and it has morbid and aggressive guitar lines. Meugninuosoan voice sounds venomous when he sings his lyrics of pure hatred and Satanism. I know this sounds good, however it lacks good songwriting and overall comes out quite boring.

Track list:
1. Apocalyptical Christians Armageddon
2. Blackness Doctrine
3. Annihilated Dead Planet
4. Nihilist Magnum
5. Religious Opium
6. Templarian Kingdom Of Terror
7. Mutual Assegurated Destruction
8. Intolerant Discipline Of Hate
9. Drawning Your Face

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