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Aenemica -Empty Inside cd


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Aenemica is a new worthy addition to the world of tuneful progressive rock and metal. The singer has a voice thats soft like silk and flows like liquid gold. Hes instantly engaging and very listenable. His voice is very versatile and the harmonies and tunes used are infectious and very more-ish. The songs are a merging of the more modern, commercial style of Rock/Metal, (incorporating elements of Djent and Stadium Rock), and a more classically influenced Progressive Rock style. Its played and delivered extremely well so that they successfully blend the different aspects of the music into their sound. The result is one thats pretty much pure aural candy. Imagine a combination of Evanescence, Device, Queensryche and Pain of Salvation; its quite a combination but it works together well. The end of the album is especially pleasing to the ears, with a song entitled Beautiful Lie. Its divided into two parts and you can clearly hear the different sounds and effects the band has intentionally used in conjunction with the lead vocals. Part one of the songs has a completely different feel to it and is completely unlike any other track on the album but is just as emotive.

Track listing:
1. Echoes
2. Aenemic
3. Empty Inside
4. Last Goodbye
5. Same Old Story
6. Beautiful Lie PT.1
7. Beautiful Lie PT.

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