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Aerosmith -Get A Grip MC


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Polish pressed music cassette. Clear cassette with yellow text.

Poland is probably the country that had the most record labels in the world that only released cassettes. But even though there were lots of labels the market was still small as they only printed these for their own market inside of Poland. And a label in one town maybe lacked the distribution for another town and so on. A Warzaw or Krakow label might print more copies of a tape then labels from a smaller town. So even if there are thousands of releases you will notice how rare some are if you start to try to list the catalog number of one particular label. Some cassettes just rarely shows up. One interesting label were Star Records that released approx 1000 releases between 1992 and 1994. Most of their releases came with cassettes that printed the artists name on it and only a few had just Star Records printed. However Star was one of the few Polish labels that actually were bootlegged. Tapes with just clear shells without prints were not issued by Star in Poland.

1993’s “Get a Grip” was a balanced and well executed album that was kind of the end of what I call their “second era” (1985-1993). Their raw, powerful playing stays intact but the pop side of things get’s adjusted a bit to give us some fresh, commercial, video, and radio friendly tracks. Their ability to slowly change some of the sound, and to evolve, without tarnishing their image as old school rockers from the 70’s, is really quite amazing. The album has more than the normal track listing we are used to from them, and instead of featuring 14 “rockers and ballads” more or less gives us fun rock tunes, some serious, deep melodic treasures, as well as of course, a fun/funny track or even just lyric here and there. “Eat the Rich” “Get a Grip” and “Fever” embrace the youth of today with the signature fast rolling guitars and beats from frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry. “Living on the Edge” “Crying” and “Amazing” are not plugged into any specific category, but each song, though not as in depth as their 70’s hits of the same ballast, still are strong in songwriting and cohesive in melody. With “Get a Grip”, Aerosmith made sure to leave their stamp on the 90’s much the same way they did on the 70’s and 80’s…with great rock and roll songs that a fan may never tire of listening to. The Bristol cassette version features only 11 of the tracks from the album.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Eat The Rich
3. Get A Grip
4. Fever
5. Livin On The Edge
6. Flesh
7. Gotta Love It
8. Crazy
9. Line Up
10. Cant Stop Messin
11. Amazing

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Star Records

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STAR 460