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Aerosmith -Live On Air cd


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On August 13th, 1994 the band took to the stage to headline at Woodstock 1994 held in Saugerties, NY in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original festival. They delivered a performance in the driving rain of pure intensity and amazing tunes, which reminded all those present as well as the millions watching on TV of just how good they really are. As part of the Get A Grip tour this audio set plus additional bonus video enhanced tracks include many of their live favorites from a dazzling career now spanning well over 35 years.

Track listing:
1. Eat The Rich
2. Rag Doll
3. Cryin
4. Crazy
5. Love In An Elevator
6. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
7. Sweet Emotion
8. Come Together
9. Dream On
10. Livin On The Edge
11. Walk This Way Additional
12. Toys In The Attic-enhanced bonus video live Woodstock 94
13. Mama Kin-enhanced bonus video live Woodstock 94

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