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Aeternal Seprium was born in Varese, Italy at the end of 1999 but then under the name of Black Shadows. They won a metal contest namned Bugella Extreme Metal Contest in 2007 and got the chance to record their first 4 track demo and they released it under their new name of Aeternal Seprium. The demo received positive reviews and another demo was released in 2010. 2010 and 2011 was two busy years for the band as they got the chance to play alot of support gigs in Italy to bands like Omen, Phantom X, Tokyo Blade, White Skull and so on and it was also during this time that the were offered a record deal so they could record their debut album, Against Oblivions Shade. This debut album suffers a bit just because it feels much like a rehearsal recording. It suffers from a poor production and a bit clumsy in details, like someone having problems to start properly. However after awhile you manage to ignore this and you will find a band with alot of potential. There are several great solos, proud folksy melodies, epic verses and endless drum fills and breaks, you realize you’re listening to quite a good band. A bit exaggerated here and there, as if showing the full potential where it’s not too necessary, but nothing that some good production couldn’t tame. So in the end Aeternal Seprium are well worthy of your attention.

Track list:
1. The Man Among Two Worlds
2. Vainglory
3. Sailing Like The Gods Of The Sea
4. Soliloquy Of The Sentenced
5. In Sign of Brenno
6. Victimulas Stone
7. Solstice Of Burning Souls
8. L’eresiarca
9. The Oak And The Cross
10. Under Flag Of Seprium

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