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Aeternus – A Darker Monument


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What he have here is a more polished and succinct Aeternus overall. Shorter songs and sharper production. Admittedly a lot of the droning nuances and folkish/epic melodies of Aeternus early career are just about gone… Instead the guitarists churn out a decidedly more death metal style of riffing. This is an enjoyable album from the crawling basslines of ‘Slavestate’ to the stomping push of ‘Darkstorm’ and almost doomish riffs of ‘Genocide Delight’ the songs are separate but also blend together well, albeit without the same tangible atmosphere you'd find on their first three albums. It's not the fairest comparison I could make, but no doubt the band has taken one or two queues from the popularity of bands like Nile. Aeternus is, in my opinion, one of the better Black/Death metal hybrids out there today and this is a fine release. Regardless of how much this doesn't sound like Aeternus' earlier material, it is still quite heavy and well done black/death metal. Track listing: 1. Sword of The Earth 2. Slavestate 3. Litany of Ra 4. Soulslayer 5. Darkstorm 6. Genocide Delight 7. Seen Through Abhorrent Eyes 8. The Trident 9. Sons of War

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