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Afflicted -Beyond Redemption 1989-1992 3lp


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Triple vinyl set on black vinyls with gatefold cover and booklet

For those of you unaware Swedens band Afflicted was called Afflicted Convulsion before changing there name and they released 2 demos, a rehearsal and a studio track for a compilation album. Afflicted Convulsion debuted when the Swedish metal scene was crawling with Entombed and Unleashed clones, all far from any originality. They were founded in 1988 by ex-Defiance guitarist Jesper Thorsson and Dismember guitarist Joacim Carlsson. They released their demos Toxic Existence in 1989 and Beyond Redemption in 1990 and then dropped Convulsion from the band name when the vocalist Joakim Broms joined. They released two more demos, 1990 came The Odious Reflection and then Wanderland in 1991. In 1991 they got a chance to release their first vinyl single on the French Thrash records called Ingrained. Then Relapse released the bands second single Astray in 1992. In 1992 they signed to Nuclear blast for two more singles and a full length cd/lp. They changed style from death metal to traditional heavy metal with their 1995 album Dawn Of Glory on Massacre records before they quit. Joacim Carlsson went to Face Down. The Stockholm five-piece had a different approach towards death metal they offered complex and intriguing music, reaching far beyond the typical Swedish school of metal. Their first and most acclaimed album Prodigal Sun was a groundbreaking release, unfortunately overshadowed by the flood of other death metal bands at that time. There were so many dull death metal albums to be released in the 90s but Prodigal Sun burns with a strong and powerful flame, offering a complex and memorable metal experience. If youre interested to see where this band come from then check out this massive compilation album that features all the old material made under the name of Afflicted Convulsion as well as the early Afflicted material

Track listing:
1. Toxic Existence-from Toxic Existence demo 1989
2. Agnosticism-from Toxic Existence demo 1989
3. Moreheads-from Toxic Existence demo 1989
4. Obnoxious Words-from Toxic Existence demo 1989
5. Batman-from Toxic Existence demo 1989
6. Utilization-Psychedelic Grindcore rehearsal 1989
7. Parental Infanticide-Psychedelic Grindcore rehearsal 1989
8. Cleansing Nuisance-Psychedelic Grindcore rehearsal 1989
9. Enslaved Propaganda-Psychedelic Grindcore rehearsal 1989
10. Slay Your Inner God-Psychedelic Grindcore rehearsal 1989
11. Consumed In Flames-Beyond Redemption demo 1990
12. Parental Infanticide-Beyond Redemption demo 1990
13. Cleansing Scourge-Beyond Redemption demo 1990
14. Utilization-Beyond Redemption demo 1990
15. Slay Your Inner God-from a compilation album
16. Consumed In Flames-Promo tape 1990
17. In Years To Come-Promo tape 1990
18. Intro-The Odious Refelection demo 1990
19. The Root-The Odious Refelection demo 1990
20. Utilization-The Odious Refelection demo 1990
21. The Doomwatchers Prediction-The Odious Refelection demo 1990
22. In Years To Come-The Odious Refelection demo 1990
23. Viewing The Obscene-Ingrained demo 1990
24. The Empty Word-Ingrained demo 1990
25. Astray-Wanderland EP 1991
26. Tidings From The Blue Sphere-Wanderland EP 1991
27. Spirit Spectrum-Wanderland EP 1991
28. Ivory Tower-Wanderland EP 1991
29. Rising Into The Sun-Rising Into The Sun EP 1992
30. Ivory Tower-Rising Into The Sun EP 1992
31. Gates Of Hell-Rising Into The Sun EP 1992

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