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Afflicted -Dawn Of Glory lp


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2023 reissue on black vinyl with 3 bonus tracks

Afflicted had expertly signaled they weren’t easily pigeonholed on debut Prodigal Sun. Vehemently against the grain, the Stockholmites abandoned everything in 1995, transforming completely on sophomore album, Dawn Of Glory. Afflicted had officially reconvened as Defenders of True Heavy Metal. More in line with the powerful sentiment of Silver Mountain, Heavy Load, and Axe Witch, Dawn Of Glory thrust the First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal (FWOSHM) into the modern era with tracks like Raging Into Battle, Son Of Earth, and the rousing title track. Unavailable for years, Dawn Of Glory sees new light via a spectacular, original-state remaster by ace Patrick W. Engel (Corrosion of Conformity, Destruction) at Temple of Disharmony Studios. Before Hammerfall, there was Afflicted.

Track list:
1. Son Of Earth
2. Dawn Of Glory
3. The Oracle
4. Last Incarnation
5. Raging Into Battle
6. Scattered
7. I Am Vengeance
8. Cross My Heart
9. Niflheimr
10. Raging Into Battle-promo 1993
11. Dragon Breath-promo 1993
12. Leper Messiah-Metallica cover

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