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Afflicted -Prodigal Sun lp


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2023 reissue on black vinyl

Afflicted debuted when the Swedish metal scene was crawling with Entombed and Unleashed clones, all far from any originality. The Stockholm five-piece had a different approach towards death metal they offered complex and intriguing music, reaching far beyond the typical Swedish school of metal. Their first and most acclaimed album Prodigal Sun was a groundbreaking release, unfortunately overshadowed by the flood of other death metal bands at that time. There were so many dull death metal albums to be released in the 90s but ‘Prodigal Sun’ burns with a strong and powerful flame, offering a complex and memorable metal experience.

Track listing:
1. Prodigal Sun
2. Harbouring The Soul
3. In Years To Come
4. Tidings From The Blue Sphere
5. The Empty Word
6. Astray
7. Rising Into The Sun
8. Spirit Spectrum
9. The Doomwatcher’s Prediction
10. Consumed In Flames
11. Ivory Tower

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