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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover. Limited 400 copies

Mike Browning, the legendary drummer and singer of Morbid Angel, Nocturnus and Acheron, offers a new revolutionary band that understands to combine occult magical sounds of today with the wicked feeling from his old cult-bands. This compilation album gives you a chance to check out three After Death demos plus one previously unreleased EP. Nocturnus fans should like this stuff, however, the music isnt as technical as on the Nocturnus full-lengths. Instead its a bit simpler and more straightforward, in the vein of the The Science Of Horror demo and the title track of the Possess The Priest EP. Theres also not any futuristic sci-fi touch to the music as was the case with Nocturnus, After Deaths concept centres around mythology, occultism and blasphemy. The different releases included on this album dont have the same line-up, so the music varies a bit from release to release. The Secret Lords Of The Star Chamber Below demo is up first and it dates from 2006. This demo presents a fine combination of atmospheric occult metal and some death metal brutality in the form of blast parts and occasional growly vocals. Unlike the other releases present on this compilation, Secret Lords Of The Star Chamber Below contains no female vocals, since Lisa Lombardo who handled them on the previous releases was no longer in the band. Next up is the Reviving The Gods demo from 2004 and its the last After Death release to feature keyboardist/backing vocalist Lisa Lombardo. Listen to the title track it has a catchy-as-hell riff/melody and a simple general structure that ensures Reviving The Gods will stick to your mind already on first listen. The verse parts of the title track make me think of Nocturnus track Neolithic. This demo has been been remixed by Jon Oliva (Savatage). The remix was done because the band wanted the keyboards and effects higher in the mix than they originally were. The original mix, done by Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal), has a more guitar-oriented sound and can be found on the vinyl version of Retronomicon. The third release is the Consumed demo from 2003. This demo has the strongest old Nocturnus (demo era) vibe to it of all the releases on this compilation. Consumed is also more brutal than Reviving The Gods, Id say its the demo with the most evil feel to it. The production is also the rawest of all the After Death demos. This does not mean it sounds like Darkthrone but the sound is clearly less polished a bit more trebly than on the other demos. Last up is the Vibrations EP from 2000. It contains some real cult stuff, as theres a re-recording of the song Nocturnus from the first Nocturnus demo, which was released way back in 1987. This new version has better sound quality plus keyboards and female vocals added. After Deaths stuff is not trendy by any means but rather unique. Its neither your typical Nordic black metal, nor is it your standard brutal death metal. I think this is profound and somewhat experimental in an interesting way while still managing to keep the old school touch.

Track listing:
Secret Lords Of The Star Chamber Below-demo 06
1. The Calling / Lords Of The Black Path
2. As Below So Above
3. The Star Chamber Of Isis
4. The Secret Cycle
5. Birth/Death Intro

Reviving The Gods-demo 04
6. Birth/Death Intro
7. 0-2
8. Reviving The Gods
9. Astral Staircase

Consumed By Fire-demo 03
10. Consumed By Fire
11. Sulphur, Mercury And Salt

Vibrations EP-00
12. Nocturnus
13. Jesus Will Weep Again
14. Invocation To Cthulhu
15. Temple Of Cthulhu

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