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Agathocles / Restos Humanos -Split 7″


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Split single on black vinyl. Limited 300 copies

These 3 Agathocles songs are something like demo-versions of songs which were later recorded for a full studio album and were left in the closet for more than a decade. Years later, in October 2017 Joe, guitarist and vocalist of Archagathus recorded more guitars, distortion bass and evil vocals with harmonizer/pitch shifter effects on them. So what you have here, is some crude collaboration of Canadian and Belgian mince/grind madness. If you don´t know Italian Restos Humanos yet, imagine a grindcore/old school death metal bastard of Machetazo, Necrony and Impetigo.

Track list:
1. Agathocles -Expendable Goods
2. Agathocles -Korose
3. Agathocles -Diary Of White Trash
4. Restos Humanos -Histrion Asesino
5. Restos Humanos -Muerte
6. Restos Humanos -Quelli Delle Catacombe

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