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Agathodaimon – Higher Art Of Rebellion [original]


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Like many black metal bands in the wake of Emperor, Agathodaimon straddle the boundary between heavy metal and goth-rock, creating harsh yet chilling and melancholy soundscapes with keyboards playing as important a role as guitars. On this, their second full-length album, Agathodaimon have crafted a fine album that mixes plenty of melody, classic metal, black metal and gothic elements. To those of us who have delved deeply into the darkest depths of black metal, this German outfit would seem fairly safe and commercial. After being brutalized by such bands as Darkthrone and Kraft, Agathodaimon are a welcome relief and are brutal enough to satisfy any metal bloodlust. Original Nuclear blast pressing Track listing: 1. Ne Cheama Pamintul 2. Tongue Of Thorns 3. A Death In It's Plenitude 4. When She's Mute 5. Glasul Artei Viitoare 6. Novus Ordo Seclorum 7. Body Of Clay 8. Back Into The Shadows 9. Les Posedes 10. Neovampirism 11. Heaven's Coffin

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