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Age Of Taurus ‎–The Colony Slain lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and lyric insert. Limited 500 copies

Welcome to the Taurean Empire; a decaying land where disease, war and corruption is rife. A wretched place of man and beast, where deception, fear and despair fills every dank alleyway and the stench of suffering drifts across endless, sun-scorched plains. As way of ensuring safe passage through this hellish hour, let us introduce your guides for the journey; four road-hardened mortals, brought together by luck, power and coincidence. Ladies and Gentlemen, take up arms and go safely as Age of Taurus show you a world inhabited by the Desperate Souls of Tortured Times. Their 2018 album, The Colony Slain, is an epic beast, which we’re sure you’re going to love.

Track list:
1. From The Hills To The Halls
2. Taken To The Tower
3. The Trail Of Blackwynn Chaise
4. In Dreams We Die
5. The Lost Garrison
6. Beyond The Westward Path
7. For Treason We Rise
8. The Walls Have Ears
9. To Seal A Mountain
10. As Ice, Into Blood
11. The Colony Slain

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