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Agent Steel – Mad Locust Rising


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Mad Locust Rising feels essentially like an aftertaste of Skeptics Apocalypse. This short mini album is still firmly in the high-speed realm except for a cover version of Judas Priest's The Ripper, and there are no signs of reduced intensity at this stage yet. Excluding the short intro and the cover song, there are only two actual original pieces on this release, but they are almost guaranteed to satisfy anyone who found the fastest tracks of the band's debut album enjoyable enough. For better or worse, the vocals are still bound to divide opinions, but you cannot deny that Agent Steel's sound was easily distinguishable as well as stylish in its own particular way. In this sense Mad Locust Rising just provides more of the same in a tested and tried format. Track listing: 1. The Swarm Is Upon Us 2. Mad Locust Rising 3. The Ripper-Judas Priest cover 4. Let It Be Done 5. The Day At Guyana

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