Agent Steel -Skeptics Apocalypse lp [clear/blue splatter]



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Clear and blue splatter vinyl with insert and poster

Agent Steel were undeniably one of the most classic speed metal acts in the eighties, whether you liked their style or not. Skeptics Apocalypse has a certain raw edge over the band’s later recordings, which gives this album some additional boost. The first half is essentially faster and more furious than the second, therefore resulting in something of a dual nature. In addition, the vocals of John Cyriis are pretty much in the love-it-or-hate-it category, with an extremely squeaky tone that you may find either perfectly fitting or downright terrible. Anyhow, Agent Steel’s vintage sound remains kind of appealing even today, featuring some great riffs and first class guitar work, and the most unrestricted and ultra-fast tracks like Agents Of Steel and Bleed For The Godz are still second to none in all their rage. Although Skeptics Apocalypse shows its age, it is still a highly noteworthy release in many ways.

Track listing:
1. The Calling
2. Agents Of Steel
3. Taken By Force
4. Evil Eye/Evil Minds
5. Bleed For The Godz
6. Children Of The Sun
7. 144’000 Gone
8. Guilty As Charged
9. Back To Reign

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High Roller

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HRR 437