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Agent Steel – Unstoppable Force


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If you take ‘Skeptics Apocalypse’, throw in a more refined and mature John Cyriss, add about 6 riffs to each song, speed it up, throw in more technicality, improve the drumming, get more varied song structure and sound, turn up the bass in volume and skill, then on top of it recruit amazing guitar virtuoso Bernie Versailles… you get ‘Unstoppable Force’. Needless to say Agent Steel had it figured out at this point, from the opening blazing track of ‘Unstoppable Force’ to the calm and eerie ballad ‘Traveler’ this album does one thing: shoves a massive speed metal attack right down your throat. The most improved aspect on this album compared to their debut album has got to be the guitar work. There are many more riffs in the songs, and no two songs are neither structured the same nor sound the same. Not only that but the riffs are much more intricate, and the guitar tone is much meatier (This is also helped but the more professional production) On top of it, there are some very interesting guitar harmonies, and Bernie Versailles absolutely rips. There isn't much more to say about this album, the songwriting is ace, the guitar work is ace, there is even some very excellent bass work. As for speed/power metal it doesn't get much better. This album has balls, is apocalyptic, shreds and kicks your face in. It is the best album with John Cyriss and a minor masterpiece Track listing: 1. Unstoppable Force 2. Never Surrender 3. Indestructive 4. Chosen To Stay 5. Still Searchin' 6. Rager 7. The Day At Guyana 8. Nothing Left 9. Traveller

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