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Agnostic Front – Last Warning


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The second live release from Agnostic Front, Last Warning features many fan favorites (United Blood, Toxic Shock, etc.) that also appear on the superior Live at CBGBs. This was intended to be the band's swansong — which it was until Agnostic Front re-formed years later — which might explain the close proximity of such similar offerings. The recording quality is satisfactory for a live punk disc, and the performances are urgent enough. But what makes Last Warning special is the inclusion of the group's scarce United in Blood EP following the live tracks. Originally recorded in 1983, this remastered, second section of Last Warning still sounds thin and raw compared to the relatively metallic concert tracks. But the 40-second blasts of pure hardcore energy are enough to bring a nostalgic tear to any punk veteran's eye. An interesting retrospective, Last Warning is a fine hardcore primer from one of the genre's most important outfits. Track listing: 1. Undertow 2. Your Mistake 3. Victim In Pain 4. One Voice 5. Infiltrate 6. Strength 7. United Blood 8. Public Assistance 9. Over The Edge 10. Blind Justice 11. Last Warning 12. Crucified 13. Toxic Shock 14. United And Strong 15. Fascist Attitudes 16. Anthem 17. The Eliminator 18. No One Rules 19. Final War 20. Last Warning 21. Traitor 22. Friend Or Foe 23. United Blood 24. Fight 25. Discriminate 26. In Control 27. Crucial Changes

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