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Agnostic Front -Liberty And Justice For lp [red]


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2015 reissue on red vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 200 copies

After the controversy which followed their open embrace of speed metal on 1986’s crossover classic Cause for Alarm, Agnostic Front took a step back into more familiar hardcore territory with the following year’s Liberty And Justice For…. Gone were the double-kick drums which had offended many of the band’s loyal fan contingent, but the razor-sharp riffing of guitarist Vinnie Stigma remained defiantly intact and proved that, while this album might have been a compromise of sorts, it was certainly no surrender. For his part, tattooed hardcore messiah (and singer) Roger Miret uses his ever-incendiary, take-no-prisoners lyrics to instantly reaffirm Agnostic Front’s righteous commitment to social and political commentary (outright rage is more like it, actually) and reinstate their street-savvy hardcore ethos for all to see. Kicking off with the album’s severely ironic title track (introduced by kids reciting the pledge of allegiance), the band piledrives through a storming set of instant classics, including “Anthem,” “Hypocrisy,” “Censored,” and the exceptional career highlight “Crucified.” Sadly, Liberty & Justice For… would prove to be Agnostic Front’s last undisputed hardcore masterwork, as Miret’s subsequent incarceration would completely derail the band’s future plans.

Track list:
1. Liberty And Justice
2. Crucial Moment
3. Strength
4. Genesis
5. Anthem
6. Another Side
7. Happened Yesterday
8. Lost
9. Hypocrisy
10. Crucified
11. Censored

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